Wingsuits BigWay Project

We are bringing Wingsuit Bigway Formations back to Europe! This will be a unique event where we will be working side by side with Formation Skydiving organisers Lesley Gale, Kate Cooper-Jensen, and Herman Landsman, who will be organising a Big Way Flat event at the same time. Both events will run side by side, creating a busy and exciting atmosphere. We will share knowledge and experience with these World Team and world record organizers as we work on the skills you will need to achieve excellence in large formation flying.

Single and multi-plane slot-specific dives will give you the opportunity to practice floating and diving exits; safe approaches to the formation; finding sightlines for any slot; flying solidly in your slot once you get there; and breaking off safely.

Whether you have small flock experience or have been part of bigway wingsuit formations you will be challenged, with safety our first priority. This is a learning environment where you will be encouraged to grow and expand your skill set. We will start with two groups, one intermediate and one advanced, with the goal of moving more people to the advanced group as they gain experience. We will end the week with some spectacular bigway formations.

Safety briefings, seminars, and discussions for both wingsuit flyers and flat flyers are planned. Even if the weather is bad, you are guaranteed to learn.

The organisers of this event are Mark Harris and Taya Weiss. Plane captains and coaches are Jari Kuosma, Duncan Wright, Phil Peggs, Rolf Brombach, Mark Harris and Taya Weiss. Each plane will have both a captain and a coach. We have taken this unusual step as it will give us more eyes in the formation, helping to provide information and coaching and giving you a better all around experience. Each plane will have a dedicated videographer.


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