Skydive University

is project of DROPZONE PROSTEJOV for beginners and advanced skydivers who want to gain new experience in fromation skydiving.

You will learn with the help of DZ instructors how to do formations of four, eight or more people. And then you will see how amazing can this sport be when you cooperate with others during free fall.

How to get involved?

You inform us one day in advance that you want to participate and then get to the airport one hour before 1st load. For this hour you will do together intensive briefing, planning of jumps and whole day. Then 30 minutes before every boarding you will be ready and you will meet again to try the jump on ground. Then the skydiving part will finally come.  After every jump the instructor will debrief with the skydivers about the jump they just did. And after whole day you will discuss all the jumps and whole day.

Who is in charge?

Tomáš Trunečka
• AFF instructor, skydiving instructor
• 2000+ jumps, skydiving for 15 years
• former member of Czech representation, 2nd place in Czech Championships, 2nd place in Czech Cup and 1st place in Poland Championships
Martin Dlouhý

• tandem pilot, videoman, AFF instructor, skydiving instructor
• 5500+ jumps, skydiving for 26 years
• former member of Representation and Center for Top Sports in Czechoslovakia

And price?

Those who are really interested in skydiving can pay just their own ticket. How to do it? You can apply for Dropzone Cup 2way (where you can moreover win nice prices for performance of what you learn thanks to Skydive university), or find three more skydivers to the group for coaching.
And one more possibility is to help one day to girls at manifest and the next day you have coaching for free.
The last possibility is to pay tickets for you and for your instructor.


If you are interested, please contact, so we can arrange everything for you and make sure there is some instructor for you.  

And for those who do not have own equipment we have big news: there will be no more lack of student rigs. For next season we will have 14 new! Come and see.

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Dropzone Kalender »


boogie 11.5.-30.5.

  From 11.5. we jump every day at least till end of may. Come and enjoy the everyday skydives at DROPZONE PROSTEJOV.

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