Miss Parachutist


We invite you to participate and vote in the contest MISS PARACHUTIST 2012

GIRLS - SEND US YOUR BEST SKYDIVING PICTURES to missparachutist@gmail.com with brief info about you and your skydiving expirience and contact, so we can verify your identity and consent to participate in the competition.

Competition will take place on facebook, where photos of contestants will be placed after verifying.

Anyone can suggest a girl or a woman, skydiver, of course with her consent. Anyone can vote and give their „likes“.

The winner with the most „likes“ will be awarded in the end of an event World Cup and European Championships 02-09-2012.

Prizes from our partners:
INTRUDAIR skydiving suit (free to choose rw, ff or tracking, T-shirts)
BOOGIE MAN - 200,- EUR voucher on a suit
SKYKARMA - clothes
INDOOR SKYDIVING PRAGUE.com - 15min flying in wind tunnel
EXTREME66.COM - T-shirts

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boogie 11.5.-30.5.

  From 11.5. we jump every day at least till end of may. Come and enjoy the everyday skydives at DROPZONE PROSTEJOV.

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